Small Group Classes

Dorfman Canine provides Small Group classes that are limited to no more than 10 Dogs. These intimate classes are held at locations around the San Francisco Bay Area and are designed to let the Trainer, Client and Dog share a more personalized and consistent approach. The Cost of these Small Classes is also Less Expensive than Private Training and gives your family and dog an opportunity to Bond, Build Confidence and have some Family time together for six consecutive Tuesdays Evenings or Saturday or Sunday Mornings.

Our main focus is to Socialize your dog to enjoy being outdoors and participate in family events and life. Of course we will learn Obedience, Recall and the importance of being Calm and Balanced, but being a Behaviorist I too often see dogs and families limited to their options due to behavioral issues such as Fear, Aggression, Resource Guarding and more! As a Behavior Specialist I can usually see and address these challenges before they become more serious issues! You probably will not have the same skill sets and instruction with classes at Pet Stores and Corporate Retail Chain Stores. 

Dog parks can be a scary and Intimidating Environment for some Dogs and Dog Owners. There is lots of Stimuli (noise, movement, visual stimuli etc.) We take the time to make sure you are Comfortable and Confident navigating the world and Life with your Dog. Just Ask about our Off Leash Dog Park Adventures which are always supervised by Shadow or myself.

Our small classes are designed to minimize Distractions, Excited Energy, General Chaos and Confusion which makes them more personal and effective.

You are Welcome to call Jessica or myself personally to discuss Classes in your area, Questions or Concerns. It is an Important Decision... we Know and Respect this.

I look forward to hearing from you.