The Dog Rehab Resort
The Best and Safest Boarding & Training Available in the Phoenix and Mesa Area

In many cases it is simply best to completely remove the animal from the environment. Human environments are busy, noisy, hectic and uncalm. There are endless distractions that interrupt and impede the rehabilitation process. Here we have continuously controlled environments and can immerse the animal carefully with balanced and calm dogs, humans and other species that may be necessary for your dogs specific challenges.

  At The Rehab Resort, I will Board and Train selected dogs at my home and facility in the Superstition Mountain area. During your dogs stay, all socializing and any training he or she receives will be done exclusively by me. Almost every aspect of your dogs care from the first early morning walk and feeding up to the final late night walk is mostly done by me.

Dogs do not sit in kennels at the Rehab Resort, they are stimulated mentally and physically all day long by continuous exposure to sound and sight stimuli, traffic, crowds, children, other animals and different surfaces. This builds their confidence and makes it easier for them to maintain a higher level of calmness even with the presence of distractions and in stressful environments.

I am accepting selected dogs for Board and Train programs as well as Boot Camp programs. I am rarely separated from my dog, but if I do need to leave my dog in someone else's care, it is not an easy thing! I know how difficult leaving your dog is and you are always welcome to check in daily with me regarding your dogs progress.

 I also e-mail photos of your your dog each week in files that can be viewed worldwide on any computer, BlackBerry, i Pad or other device.
Boot camp Programs can Address Behavior Challenges
While Your dog is being boarded with us

Drop Off your Lion... Pick Up your Lamb!

Every dog in my care will receive both physical and mental stimulation four times each day included in the  daily rate, your dog will also receive additional supplementation and nutrition again included in the daily rate (only with your approval of course). We are located in the beautiful Superstition Mountain area just south of Phoenix, a wonderful and quiet place for dogs to reconnect with nature, balance, calmness and proper nutrition. We use our own special non reactive dogs to work with dogs that have a less than favorable view of other animals. We are also moments away from horses, goats and sheep. We spend a lot of time with other animals because I know this is important to a dogs overall mental well being.

Any time that your dog is not out working, training or socializing, they are in comfortable locked kennels at all times with inside and outside options. We are equipped with freezers to accommodate any raw food diets or special medical and prescription needs. I am a Certified Behavior Specialist and Professional Handler who also knows Canine Nutrition and Supplementation. Your dogs safety will be in capable hands. If your dog should need to be transported in a vehicle for any reason, I use a newer SUV that is equipped with air conditioning and cooling systems as well as cargo steps and segregated areas.  During your dogs entire stay, your dog never comes in contact with any other dogs ever unless it is during a controlled training exercise and then always handled by me.

Every Board & Train Program Includes a Free In Home Integration Consultation

After your dogs stay at Dorfman Canine I personally do an In Home Consultation that helps integrate your better behaved dog back into your families environment. This is important so that we can smoothly make the transition back to you with minimal interruptions and so you can take back control over your dog without losing effectiveness of his or her new skills, better behavior and calmer demeanor. 
We can handle Special Needs Dogs with Behavioral Issues such as
Aggression, Fears, Phobias and Separation Anxiety. 

 No Teenagers!  and  No Dog Walkers!

Nothing against kids or part time dog walkers.... I just can't be comfortable with anything less than a professional handler when it comes to my working dogs. These same standards will be applicable to your dog too! So if you want the best possible care during a time that can be a very stressful situation for you and your dog, give me a call and we can discuss any concerns or special needs that you might have.
I have the Earliest Check in time and the Latest Check Out time!
I also can provide Safe & Private Pick Up or Delivery of your Dog