Custom Orders Hand Made by Eric Dorfman

Custom Leather & Biothane
Leashes and Collars

How we connect with our dogs has always been a big interest of mine. I had come to believe early on in my career as a professional handler that how we communicate with our dogs is through the connection of the Leash and Collar... just like Ancient Horseman did with Reigns, Bits and Bridles. I had tried every method of connection available. Harnesses, Gentle leaders, Halties, Prongs collars, Choke chains and everything else in between. I understand that every piece of equipment has a task and use, I just came to the conclusion years ago that whenever I had a concept for a particular Leash or Collar, it was easier, quicker and better quality if I made it myself. I could select my own materials with exact lengths and thicknesses, I could choose my own hardware. I could choose between stitching, riveting or glueing depending on the task at hand and clients personal needs.

I also hand make what I believe are the Best and Safest Tactical Biothane Collars available Anywhere! These Collars are designed for extended use and are waterproof, Light Weight and Very Handsome. The name tag on these collars is an engraved stainless steel plate that is integrated right onto the collar. No worries about name tags getting lost, tangled, making noise or getting snagged. The length is custom fit to your dogs exact size and specifications and uses my own stainless steel buckle device.


Call me direct for information regarding these one of a kind Custom Pieces that are Professional Grade, Gorgeous Looking, Safe, and Durable.

          They can be custom made and shipped in 24 hours.

They make the Best Gifts for Any Dog Enthusiast. This is a gift they will Really Love and Use Forever!

All of my Leashes and Collars are Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life!